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Hot Springs

Relaxing at the Onsen of the Katsuura Gyoen

The hotel has all the unit baths! Yukata and amenities are also available in abundance.

★In addition, Katsuura Onsen can be used at the public baths and outdoor baths of the Katsuura Gyoen.
  • Sister houses, Katsuura Gyoen, open-air bath

  • Sisters' Hall, Katsuura Gyoen, Great Baths

    Including "hot water of Takimi". Public baths and spacious for both men and women of affluent Japanese style architecture Katsuura Gyoen, open-air bath, in addition to the open-air bath Jacuzzi, salon where you can with breath in the bath, such as hallways and entrance of taste a certain appearance, We are making a delicate production so that you can relax and have a moment of warmth.